Orbea RALLON R5 2018

Konec ugibanja! 26'' smo pokopali, 27.5'' pa je na isti poti.

O čem govorimo ??
O novem RALLON R5 29'' Carbon, letnik 2018 !!

Orbea je po tihem načtrovala novo smer v enduro kategoriji.
Baski so popolnoma obrnili ploščo. Ni več 27.5'' in ni več aluminija. Sedaj je na vrsti 29'' in karbonski okvir. In nič drugega! So dejali: če želite TOP 'raketo', boste dobili TOP raketo!
V eni izmed revij, ki so R5 že testirale, je nekdo zapisal: mašina, ki izvabi nasmeh na obraz Tony Stark-a (Ironman!).


Vedeli smo, da se nekaj pripravlja. Kadar so Baski tiho, je vedno nekaj hudega v igri. Ker že v DH (downHill), vstopa 29'' z veliko mero samozavesti, smo kar vedeli, da bo Orbea Rallona postavila na 'BigWheels'. Nismo si pa niti v sanjah mislili, da bodo velika kolesa vpeta samo v karbonski okvir. To je pač cena, če želimo voziti najboljše.

Žal priložnosti, da bi se zapeljali z R5, še nismo dobili. Morali bomo počakati, da pride 'v hišo'. Takrat vas bomo o tem tudi obvestili. Do tistega dne pa, malo preberite ocene s prvih voženj s kolesom, za katerega smo prepričani, da bo presegel uspehe svojega predhodnika.

Še en kratek video, nato pa dva testa tujih strokovnjakov.

PinkBike: www.pinkbike.com:

A brand new Orbea Rallon is here. It is the 5th generation of this bike, and it is the most revolutionary one. Completely redesigned, the Rallon gets modern geometry with a number of very interesting details.

Over the last years, the previous generation of the Rallon was surpassed in terms of geometry and performance, and it was no longer the top tier racing machine it once was. A real change in the enduro bike category was needed for the Rallon if Orbea was looking for something that could do more than just fill a spot in their bike catalog.

Orbea Rallon Details
• Intended use: enduro
• Wheel size: 29"
• Rear wheel travel: 150mm
• 65º or 65.5º head angle
• Frame material: carbon
• Metric shock sizing
• Boost hub spacing
• MSRP: €4499 - €7999 Euros / $4999 - $8999 USD (complete bikes)

The revamped Rallon has been a long term project. Instead of copy-pasting their existing Rallon geometry and technology and launching an enduro carbon frame years ago, they decided to take a more challenging and more expensive route. They were looking for a unique new bike, one that would stand out among the ever-growing field of options.

The bike has been conceived to work as a dialed body, and every single detail has been taken into account. Orbea has teamed up with Fox for this project and it's been months of designing, testing prototypes and long-term discussions to get Fox tuned shocks that work at their best with the Rallon frame design and geometry.

Orbea has gone asymmetric in search of the best possible balance for shock performance, stiffness and driving forces handling.

Bike Technology

The most striking feature of the new frame design is the asymmetric front triangle, with a tube running from the top tube to the seat tube on the non-drive side, leaving the shock exposed on the other side. Orbea has used their OMR carbon technology for the Rallon, which is their top of the line carbon construction, to construct the asymmetric frame. The full range features the same monocoque frame and the same carbon fibers.

Orbea was looking to build a gravity oriented bike, with a progressive shock performance. They opted for a higher pivot point than in their previous Rallon and their goal was reaching an optimal balance between brake and suspension performance while maintaining an efficient pedaling platform. Orbea has worked closely with Fox Shox to get a tuned performance with the three shocks they offer with the Rallon, claiming that every customer could be able to achieve his desired shock behavior without needing to buy an aftermarket shock.

Another Orbea partner in this new Rallon project is DT Swiss, with the renowned brand providing the 30mm wide rims on all the Rallon complete bikes. The Rallon frame features Enduro bearings, 180 mm post mount brake compatibility, internal cable routing, threaded bottom bracket and a 6mm thick downtube protector in a honeycomb structure.

A honeycomb structure is used for the downtube protector.

Both aluminum and 27.5'' wheels are gone. Orbea offers three builds for the Rallon: the M-LTD, the M-TEAM and the M-10. In every build Orbea offers several parts as an upgrade/downgrade that can change the final price for the complete bike. Some of the parts that are open to a change within the Myo program are are the shock, fork, brakes, wheelset and saddle.

Orbea has included the Rallon in their Myo program, which allows the customer to design his own paint artwork at no added cost, giving the chance of owning a unique frame. With the Myo program, available on Orbea's website, the customer can also change the aforementioned bike parts at a competitive price. The promised delivery time for a Myo complete bike goes from 15 to 45 days.


The fifth generation of the Rallon has seen a big change in terms of geometry. With a 65-degree head angle in the Lower geometry setting, and 150mm of rear travel paired with a 160mm fork up front, the Rallon sits firmly in the enduro race category. Thankfully, Orbea didn't forget that enduro racing / all-mountain riding includes climbing, and gave the Rallon a relatively steep 76/75.5º seat angle (depending on geometry position). The reach is longer than the previous version, measuring 455mm for a size large, but Orbea didn't go completely wild, saying that they believe in finding a balance for a better performance in different riding situations. The Rallon has been designed around 32mm and 50mm stems, depending on the frame size.

Faster is better. But faster, safer and playful is way better. This is how the Rallon felt during two days of riding in the demanding terrain of the Spanish Pyrenees.

Rough straight lines? Keep the right body position, hold your bars, don't touch your brake levers and trust your bike - you'll be amazed by how the bike gets the job done. Being used to riding 27.5" wheels on a daily basis, I was expecting the bike to feel like a big ship, as has happened to me with other enduro-oriented 29ers, but that wasn't the case, and when it comes to cornering this bike keeps up with the smaller wheel ones.

The frame offers two geometry modes, Low and Lower. You can easily change the position in less than five minutes with a small dedicated tool that Orbea supplies with the frame. I didn't feel the need to go to the lower setting, as the low already feels safe and aggressive enough, but it's nice to have the option go change things up for even gnarlier terrain.

As I was between sizes with 1.71m height, I got the opportunity of testing both the S/M and the L sizes. Initially, I felt good on the S/M size, although I found myself a bit too much on the bars, and ended up changing to the L size. The large worked really well for me, feeling stable and in control at high speeds while keeping a surprising maneuverability on tight corners.

I tested the Rallon with an air shock, the FOX Float X2 and also the coil shock FOX DH X2. Both shocks work really well on the bike, with the Float doing its job for the usual rides and the DH X2 coming in handy when we rode on extreme terrain and very long descents, setting off from 2700 meters altitude on rocky trails. Taking time to dial in the proper shock settings paid off, and it would have been even better with a longer period of testing. The rear shock kept the back wheel glued to the to the ground, providing plenty of grip and giving room to play with the bike while looking for more speed.

On the trails, the Rallon feels stiff and agile. This bike asks for speed, and rides true to its racing-oriented spirit. The climbing and general pedaling position make you feel comfortable without the feeling of fighting against the bike as with some other enduro beasts.

A couple of days of riding and testing, even in a demanding area like the Pyrenees Mountains, might not be enough for a final statement on the Rallon, but the first impressions are very positive.

Vir: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/new-orbea-rallon-2018-first-look-and-first-ride.html

in še
Enduro-MTB: www.enduro-mtb.com

The frame of the Orbea Rallon 5 in Detail

The Spaniards have spent two years developing the latest Rallon, striving to lift the enduro bike to the next level of its evolution. The end result is a stunning asymmetrical carbon frame that is not only an aesthetic show stopper, but should also provide tremendous stiffness. In addition, the frame includes some neat features, such as the portable storage bag above the bottom bracket for mini tools or energy bars, internal cable routing bedded in foam, as well as a flip-chip system for altering the geometry. Each Orbea Rallon 5 frame can be custom painted in one of 7.4 million color options through their online configurator at no extra charge. The suspension decals are available in six different versions, offering even more room for custom styling.

The massive tubes not only deliver stunning looks, but also contribute to the frame’s stiffness.

A small bag in the lower mainframe provides space for some trail essentials.

The small bottle doesn’t replace a hydration pack, but we appreciate to have the option for short after work loops.

The internal cable routing looks very tidy and a foam shell inside the frame prevents noisy rattling.

The custom painting is guaranteed to attract some attention.

Simple but clever: …

… The rear axle runs right through the link.

Carbon everywhere: only the rocker link is made from aluminum.

The asymmetric design doesn’t only look unique, it also allows easy access to the shock for setup and servicing.

The Specifications of the Orbea Rallon 5

The new Rallon comes in 3 different build specifications, all are very well thought out for the intended use. The Rallon M10, M team and M-LTD all come with a SRAM Eagle drivetrain, taking the form of the GX, X01 and XX1 respectively. FOX takes care of the suspension, with the 36 Float Factory in the more expensive builds and the Performance model in the M10. The rear travel is controlled by FOX Factory shocks on all bikes, stepping up from the DPX2, via the Float X2, all the way up to the DHX2. Shimano’s XT brakes keep the base model on track, the more expensive models come with SRAMs Guide RSC. The online configurator lets customers decide between several saddles, wheelsets, brakes, shocks, seatposts and chainrings.

Fork FOX 36 FLOAT Factory 160 mm
Shock FOX Factory DHX2 150 mm
Brakes SRAM Guide RSC
Drivetrain SRAM XX1 Eagle
Seatpost Race Face Turbine Dropper
Handlebar Race Face Next R 800 mm
Stem Race Face Turbine R 35 mm
Tires 29″ MAXXIS Minion DHF 2.5″
Wheelset DT Swiss XMC–1200

The FOX coil shock perfectly complements the Orbea Rallon and would be our prefered choice for the bike.

The MAXXIS Aggressor on the rear rolls fast and offers plenty of grip on hardpack, but with the high speeds we reached on the Rallon, we would prefer an even burlier thread.

The proven MAXXIS Minion DHF delivered as expected, coming in the new 2.5” Wide Trail version.

The SRAM Guide RSC gets the job done …,

… but on such a capable machine you can never get enough braking power.

SRAM’s Eagle drivetrains will get you up the steepest climbs without any issues.

Low or lower: that’s all you need to know, right?

The Geometry of the Orbea Rallon 5

The geometry of the Rallon 5 can easily be described with two word: downhill oriented. This becomes clear as soon as you look at the flip chip with its two settings, low and lower. The head angle comes in at 65° or 65.6° respectively, generating a high degree of stability in steep terrain when combined with the big 29” wheels. A reach of 455 mm and a wheelbase 1217 mm delivers a very balanced fit, our 1.80 m tall test rider felt immediately at home in the Large. Short 435 mm chainstays give the Rallon a playful character, despite the big wheels.

Riding the Orbea Rallon 5

Like the geometry suggest, the Orbea Rallon really shines on the descends. If you don’t have a shuttle or helicopter at hand, you’ll need to earn the vertical meters with your own leg power. Despite the lightweight 12.61 kg build, the 29” wheels and the SRAM Eagle drivetrain, the Orbea Rallon is not the bike to earn uphill KOMs. Climbing is more of a relaxed affair, but thanks to the steep seat angle it never feels uncomfortable.

The uphill is forgotten as soon as you point the Rallon downwards.

Once the trail points downwards, the Rallon starts to fly. Man and machine seem to blend into each other and riding the Rallon is as fun as it gets. The Orbea seems to soak up everything you throw at it, delivering lashings of confidence. No trail is too steep, no rock too big, no drop too high. The position in corners is very balanced, the more you dare to weight the front wheel the more it bites. Tight switchbacks were a breeze and the Rallon is perfectly suited for alpine terrain.

The Orbea Rallon 5 would be the perfect tool for the mountain troops.

Loose ground is not an issue for the Orbea.

If that’s not enough, you can change the geometry setting to “lower” and turn the Rallon 5 into a real downhill beast. After two days of riding and 6000 vertical meters of descending in the Spanish Pyrenees, we’ve not encountered a trail where we could bring the Orbea to its limits. The only thing we can’t comment on yet are big jumps, but we’re very confident that the Rallon will handle these as good as everything else. We strongly recommend going for the FOX Float DHX2 coil shock, that now comes with a pedal platform for efficient climbing and offers a big performance boost on the downhills.

An incredible day of riding onboard of an incredible bike.

The only question left: Who’s the Rallon for? Everyone looking to maximize fun on alpine terrain, home trails or bike park descends will have a blast on Orbea’s new flagship!


Well done, Orbea! The new Orbea Rallon 5 takes us right back to the spirit and roots of the best enduro bikes, but comes with the latest tech and some clever details. The Spanish secret weapon is a phenomenal enduro bike and we’re looking forward to spending some more time on this machine.

Vir: http://enduro-mtb.com/en/first-ride-review-orbea-rallon-5/

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